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Spoken Service of Holy
Communion - 12:00

This timeline highlights only a few events in the life of Mt. Tabor

1885 - Group meets and starts a Sunday school in the town of Brookland later named New Brookland, then West Columbia. From this Sunday school emerges an arrangement to have visiting pastors Pastor E. L. Lybrand and Pastor J. A. Cromer.

1886 - Group organizes itself into a congregation - Mt. Tabor Lutheran Church, the first congregation in town. The church antedates the town’s charter. It calls Pastor E. L. Lybrand as its first pastor.

1897 - The first church building is built. It is the first church building in town.

1920s - Mt. Tabor joins the South Carolina Synod in 1922. Mt. Tabor enters a period of fast-paced growth in numerous programs and membership that continues into the decade of the 40s.

1930s - 50th anniversary celebration. Parsonage added. Sunday school grows and is recognized as the future of the church. A building for more Sunday school classes and fellowship is built.

1940s - Mt. Tabor continues to experience significant growth during this decade developing plans for facilities at a new site at 1000 B Avenue. Congregation gathers for the first day of worship in the new sanctuary on April 3, 1949 with a new organ donated by the Ladies Aid.

1950s - Growth of Sunday School, choirs, youth and other programs continues and additional rooms are built for a rapidly expanding Sunday school. A new parsonage is built.

1960s - For a brief time, Mt. Tabor’s pastor conducts 5 days of devotions in a local television channel. Educational unit is built and designated the E. L. Lybrand Memorial Building to honor Pastor Lybrand.

1970s - First associate pastor & full time music ministers added. Focus on youth programs & Christian Education. Expansion of the physical complex continues with construction of a new building in1979 which currently serves as the administrative unit with its office and a conference room.

1980s - 100th anniversary celebration with time capsule buried in the church yard on May 20, 1986. It is to be opened in 2036 during the congregation’s 150th anniversary. New & innovative ways are explored and implemented to meet this change with renewed focus on children & youth programs. There is a dynamic Sunshine Club for senior members.

1990s - Capital Improvement Campaign raises $1.4 million for major renovations of several buildings with painting and re-carpeting of the Sanctuary and major renovation and expansion of the pipe organ by Randal Dyer & Associates. Intentional programming for children and youth, such as Confirmation Camp at Lutheridge, Music & Drama Camps, and Sing & Celebrate continues.

2000s - Music and youth programs continue to grow. Piano and chairs donated for the choir loft. Extensive waterproofing, plaster repair & kitchen remodeling. Mt. Tabor Park is built. Mt. Tabor returns to television, when its 2009 Christmas Eve service is aired on a local television channel. Ladies Aid completes a project in 2009 to renovate and furnish a room as a prayer chapel.

2010s - A house that served as the church office in the past is designated for use for young adults in their early 20s thru late 30s.

Information provided by Mr. Fred Vallejo